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Ok, the title of this post is totally off.

But i want to describe my sweets jar for my workshop with customer.

Last week my customer ask me whether i got sweets during the workshop we held for them. This project will consists of severals workshop. So downstair i went to buy sweets for them. A whole day workshop could be tiring(boring) and we need some sugar boost to keep us sane.

I went to kedai murah in my neibourhood, im looking for a cute small plate like below,

But ceramic plate is hard to maintain, i cant throw it in my car. So after a 20 minutes browsing in my kedai murah-murah in my neibourhood. I found this!!!

Plastic small cups. They come in a set of 4 ( red, green, blue and orange) and only 2.99. So less than 1 rm each!. I feel so greedy, and bought 3 sets. Today i use it during my workshop.

Cuteness and practical to the max! Feeling so Martha Steward right now.
High 5 girlfriend.

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