No update.. I suprise myself..

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Yeah. Maybe I caught up with other things. I hate listing what we plan to do just in case we didnt managed to do it and it will hunt me with guilt. Hate when my mind doing that to me.

Next week is my birthday week. And I still not sure what I want. Nuar's birthday is coming early January and I dont know what to get him either. Anyhow, we have each other and Iqbal. That's what matter most.

Heartsoothing reason when we are broke. Ahahaha. :P


bspotgurl said...

i loveee bday cake

WFL990 - O'usommes-nous? (Where are we?) said...

Everyday is a very special day. You already got the present along the years. Enjoy your time together. Happy coming birthday. You can upgrade your IPhone!!!!!!

Ahsuez said...

Your case is like mine and Samurai, but the other way around.

Double celebration is always nice, grander and more jimat!

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