Resepi: Chicken Fingers

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Thawed a large chunk of chicken breast for my mee goreng. Since I only need half of it. I decided to do the chicken finger for Iqbal.

I saw the chef in AFC do it and read so many time this recipe it already carved in my head. This time, I make it happen. Go go mama!!!!

One chicken breast cut into strips ( i cut to 1x1cm. Length as you please)
4 tbsp tepung goreng ayam
1 egg batter
1/2 cup breadcrumbs

1. Prepare a bowl of tepung, egg and breadcrumbs in 3 separate bowl. And extra tray to put the finish product.
2. Sprinkle the chick strips with some salt. Dip the chicken strips one by one as in factory line.
3. First in the flour. Then in egg batter. And finally finely coated in the breadcrumbs for the maximum crunch effects.
4. Fried until golden brown.

Tips: For toddler the above recipe is enough. But to appeal more for adult taste, you may drizzle with honey, chillie flakes and some dash of lemon. Or to immitate chilles chipotle chicken crisp, coat with hot sauce n honey dressing. Yummeh!!!

Extra chicken finger can be refrigerated for later.

The ingredients used for this batch is whatever i have in my kitchen.


Chicken = fish fillet

Tepung kfc = tepung jagung with some pepper or any brand of tepung goreng, or any tepung except tepung pulut or tepung ubi

Breadcrumbs = roti gardenia, toast in toaster, and blend in food processor.

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