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I was in my room writing a letter to my mum (so old school, I know) and I suddenly realise what I'm supposed to do. An entry in cikdaun's blog about commitment (and priority if I come around to it....)

Sometimes people can be quite 'funny' where commitments are concerned. Not funny as in funny ha ha but funny as in weird sense of funny. The sense that annoys you at times, that makes you roll your eyes up in wonder, thinking, "Does he/she have any sense of commitment at all?".

I'm bad with commitments honestly, currently I'm living trying to honour my commitments and complete in time to appease everyone around me. As late as it can be, for them to know, I have committed myself, I shall fulfill it the best I can. My priority is to accomplished what I had set out to do and as much as it's frustrating me how long this journey had taken me (and how many broken dreams of others I had shattered), it shall be done no matter what.

Yet, it amuse me of how people could commit themselves to do what they're supposed to do and at the last minute pull it out cause of another matter. It's fine if it's something important but definitely not when such cancellations are due to personal interest. I nearly choke with laughters when the officer I met many months ago asked me, if I had left cause of a broken heart. I'd be the last person on earth to put anythingelse aside cause of a guy. Thus, yes, I look down on those that ditch friends cause of the need to impress some guys which you know and I know, if they like you, whether you're there or not, they would still find you. Why the hassle over a guy anyways?


Back on track to commitment.

There's different commitments in life. It could be about work, studies, family, the list just goes on. Friends are part of our life commitments as well. Without friends, who do we turn to other than family members? Are they there only when you're happy and gone when you're down and out? Or are you that type of friend which is there when to have a good time and gone when trouble is around the corner?

Recently, I was asked, by cikdaun to do something for her. As much as I have time to spew nonsense here and there, I have no time to sit down and focus on what she had asked of me. There's the issues of lack of computer access and the constant interruptions by others that keeps popping around whenever I'm sitting infront of a computer. As if whatever I could be typing away could be that interesting that's worth peeping. I didn't promise her that I could do it and yet I was surprised to find out that I was the first to revert back to her. I had thought of myself to be the last ones for sure.

As she told me about the recent fiasco and problems that's occurring due to this pet project of hers, I can't help but think of how some people still need to grow up and think wisely when they commit themselves, what comes with it should be considered as well.

But we're all still stuck in some kind of time zone, where we live only for ourselves and not of others. Thus, we don't see why we could suddenly back out of anything, change our mind and just do our own thing without thinking of how it will be effecting the others which you had agreed to be involved with before this. The issues of putting friends aside and all importance on grabbing the next best guy available is common. There's no harm in that but don't forget too, when you need a shoulder to cry on when this guy buzz off, who do you turn too? The issues of sudden lack of time is just as common but that's when you should realise, time management is important. Not only for now but for anytime as well. Life, work, even whilst having a good time, they all need the right time for it.

Sometimes I think, these people (no offence to anyone whom might think I'm chipping in here just to be sarcastic to them but it's only a personal reminder to myself too) need to be knock on the head like what had happened to me to realise what this life is all about.

Before you commit to anything, think about your priorities and map out your life accordingly. I could have problems being committed still, even to own family but I've never let priority slide where anything is concerned. I don't give promises but I try to do whatever I could (and fix all those things I've damaged in this course of life).

That this world we're living in, it's not only about our ownself.

It will definitely save you from being the most hated person in the world.

Trust me, I know better how it feels to be hated by almost everyone, even your own kin :)


raden galoh said...

hmm...I like this entry, very strong...very firm. It's true though, things that we see unimportant would be so important to someone else. Thus, once we commit, we've got to put our commitment into it and to be committed. It's unless someone fails to understand what commit, commitment and being committed mean.

Anonymous said...

Kak Raden,

At times I feel guilty and felt old to say, some young people these days, FAIL to understand the meaning of commitment even.

Thanks for your compliments, appreciate it, I nearly ask cikdaun to delete this as I think it's too sarcastic for others consumption.

Anonymous said...

Natang apa kamu tulis? tah apa2

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