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Update your blog by email
I just found out about this not so new cool feature. Updating your blog using email.

My customer already become kedemut by not allowing us to use YM and today I found out that its took me 1/2 day to publish my entry. It keep on idling. After some gruelling hour figuring out how. Its not a problem anymore. With this cool feature. You just can mail your entry to blogger.com. Cool!!
Ok one more. If you are using yahoo mail, there will be yahoo advert in the end of your entry. Not very cool. I use gmail instead. The result is a clean update. Voila. :D.
You can use gmail html features to add some text effect and link. Whatever you have in gmail tab are applicable. But i need to figure out how to add some extra tag like. _blank or strikethrough. etc. I'm yet to try plain text update.

For more info click here
p/s: This entry is posted by email. Blogger rules!!!!!


ahsuez said...

gmail best. tapi payah juga kalau nak delete email yang redundant. terpaksa delete the whole conversation.

Anonymous said...

cool bebeh

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