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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Whenever someone writes about love the first thing that comes to mind, our assumptions before the said person could go into details about it will be,

"With whom did he/she falls in love with?"

Then as they go on crapping about it you realise, sometimes, they are not gonna tell you with whom did they fall in love but with what they had fall in love with. Being in love doesn't mean it have to be with one special person. It could be with anybody, anyone, anything, any place.

Sometimes, after being in love and out of it we realise there's a greater love than the ones before.

We learn family love us still despite our flaws and accept us as who we are.
We learn friends are always there, no matter how you've forgotten about them.
We learn, there's some people out there whom is willing to share our laughters and tears even though they are not our lovers/husbands/wives/family.

We learn, there's more to love than just with human beings.

We discover, there's an eternal love that exist between you and God, though you forget Him, He never forgets you. I have a love-hate relationship with God (don't ask me why) but I like to reassure myself, like my mum, He loves me too. He doesn't forget I exist in this world though sometimes I will forget what is required of me.

There are those that love their pets more than they love others. You might think they are mental but sometimes, even pets are much loyal than human beings. Even pets have more feelings of attachment rather than normal human beings.

Anyways, what's my point here?

The next time someone tell you they had fallen in love, it could be with something rather than someone.

Love is such a strong word to be used against any human beings before you're committed to 'em legally. I learn this from an old friend and I would like to add, love is a long lasting feeling even after it ends.

This is why I would rather use the term LIKE, sometimes you just end up hating it and you don't like it anymore. How could you save love, when it has an end to it?

I love blogging cause I love writing.

Have a good week ahead everyone.

This is Ms Mental signing off from CikDaun's account. She's too busy getting herself credited to be woman of steel to update so I had request to hijack it just for the sake of messing up her space.

Ms Mental : Daun, I lap you!!!!!! sungguh!

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